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  • About us

    About us

    BAOTOU HUAHAI CHEM CO., LTD.   professional production and export businesses of Vaseline and white oil 、liquid paraffin, produce the export of medicine white Vaseline, medicine yellow Vaseline , industrial vaseline, rope 、 fiber-specific Vaseline, cable dedicated Vaseline , food vaseline, food-grade white oil、liquid paraffin; Vaseline the quality accord of the British Pharmacopoeia standard BP-2022, the United States Pharmacopoeia USP-42 standard and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia CP-2020 edition of the standard. 

    Companies exporting Lanolin , bees wax ,  Sodium Bicarbonate, and other products.

    The company will be the quality of products, preferential prices and dedication to each and every new and old Customer Service

    Products detailed quotation please login location: www.vaselinechina.cn query
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